The South Florida Dog Fence system includes a dog fence transmitter (wall unit) and an electronic dog fence collar (small box attached to the dog’s collar). These collars contain computer software chips and are fully programmable in order to cater to each dogs’ needs.

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These systems operate by sending a digital signal through a wire buried around the perimeter of your property. Your pet wears the collar that receives the signal sent through the wire. If your pet wanders too close to the boundary, the collar will sound and/or correct based on how the collar is set at installation. When your pet is conditioned to stay in the safe zone, they will be content to stay out of those boundary zones.

With your dog or cat trained on the system, you can enjoy the peace of mind that Contain-A-Pet of South Florida gives you.

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Dog Fence Transmitter

Electronic Dog Fence Collars

The Contain-A-Pet electronic dog fence collars are among the smallest and most advanced in the pet fence industry. From the largest dog to the smallest dog or cat, you can feel confident that Contain-A-Pet can keep them happy and safe in your yard.

Dog Fence Transmitter

Electronic Dog Fence Transmitter

The Contain-A-Pet Transmitter does it all. Yard size makes no difference. Many companies offer different transmitters at different price levels. Contain-A-Pet offers one transmitter that does it all. Manufactured in the USA. We believe the quality of our pet containment system is light years better than those products made in China.

Portable Indoor Fence

Contain-A-Pet was the first pet company to develop the indoor pet fence. In fact development for the indoor system began in 1992 as a dog training solution to eliminate bad behaviors in the home. Dog and cat owners constantly had their pets get in trash, food on their kitchen counters, climb on expensive furniture and even go in rooms that were off-limits. The Contain-A-Pet wireless indoor fence system eliminated all of those problems. Very inexpensive and behaviorally sound for any pet, the indoor system quickly gained a large following. Others have come along sense then; but, wouldn’t you rather have a pet training professional show you the right way to use it?

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