West Palm Beach Electronic Dog Fence


West Palm Beach Electronic Pet Fence

If you are interested in purchasing a West Palm Electronic Pet Fence, this article will help answer a few questions you may have.

One of the first steps to keeping your pet safely at home is hiring a professional trainer. A professional trainer will evaluate your dog as well as his or her environment and give you guidance based on their findings. Following the trainer’s guidelines will most definitely ensure safe containment of your dog. Just remember, proper training is like anything else you do in life – you get out of it what you put into it. This article will help you understand the best way to do the proper training.

First and foremost, to ensure your pets stay safely at home, we recommend purchasing a dog fence that is installed by a professional company. Look for a company that has a dog trainer on staff.  If you choose a company that does not have a dog trainer on staff you should look for hire one to assist you in the fence training.

Dogs are very similar to people in that their personalities, tolerance levels, and temperaments can vary considerably with each individual. With any given situation, one training solution may work well for one dog, but may be completely different for another. This can hold true for dogs from the same litter.  A professional trainer can analyze your pets and show you the best training method.

Before your dog can be left unattended in your yard, you will need to follow the guidelines your trainer provides. Their analysis will allow them to tailor the hidden fence training to meet your dog’s specific personality.

The following is a great representation of how you will need to work with your dogs to keep them contained safely and humanly.

Before you turn your dogs loose in the yard, you will need to spend about 7 days showing them where the new boundaries exist. During this time, your dog will not be wearing the electronic pet collar. You will be showing them how the collar will beep once they near the boundary and immediately running them back away from the boundary line. Once they return to the safe area, positive reinforcement is given with lots of love and praise.

After your first week of training you will begin putting your dog on a long leash to allow them the ability to reach the boundaries. You want them to also have a few temptations like a person wandering by the boundary lines, maybe a squirrel running out of the yard, or other dogs passing by. You can see how they react in these situations. If they stay inside and do not test the boundaries, give them praise. If they chase after the temptation and receive a correction yet return to the safe area immediately, give them praise for returning. If they do not return to the safe area immediately, the dog needs more Week 1 training.

Once your dog has passed the second week with flying colors, Week 3 you can remove the long leash and begin temptation training by throwing a toy out of the safe area during play time. This is yet another type of temptation. Should you pet stop before the boundaries give lots or positive reinforcement, love and praise.  If your pet does not return you need to back up to week 2 and do some reconditioning.

Once your dog makes it through week 3 successfully, you can start giving them more freedom. Start to leave them unleashed in the yard for short periods while continuing to supervise them. You should consult your trainer to be absolutely certain that your dog is trained well enough that it will not try to run away.

After week 4, if they are not having lapses in their training, you may begin to leave your dog for longer periods of time unattended. Your dog should now be completely trained on the fence and will have committed the boundaries to memory. You can now start take down all the Stake & String boundary markers.

If you have any questions at any point during the training process, your trainer is always the best person to call. Generally speaking, they are your “Pet Concierge”.

Remember that this article has useful information in training a dog to a West Palm Beach Electronic Pet Fence System. You should always consult a professional when it comes to safe and humane pet containment.