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The reason why we have chosen to take this journey into the pet containment business is for the love of your four legged loved ones. I have learned throughout my seven years of working with the leading competitor that your pets are not only your best friends, but in most cases your children. The chances of losing your loved ones without taking proper precautions to accidents, theft, or simply losing their way back home is a chance I am sure none of you want to take.

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“As a child my parents did not want me to have a dog because of the heart ache that they once experienced many years prior of losing their beloved pet. When I as older a puppy was then given to me and I simply fell in love. Rocky my pet Chihuahua got lose within six months of having him. My family and I searched for days in hopes that he would be found; posting signs all over the area. I cried myself to sleep hoping he would return to me or that phone would ring with good news. Unfortunately, we backed up to a four lane road. To my dismay Rocky was hit by a car and died days prior to me finding him. I look back to how I felt and I can only wish that my parents had gotten Rocky electric hidden fences so that I would have never found him on the side of the road as I did that day. When my son gets his first puppy I will take those precautions and obtain electric hidden fences to assure the safety of his first puppy.”

Testimony from Lisa Hafer

It is stories like those that keeps us going each day. Our goal is to safely contain your pets. Also, to build relationships with our customers and their loved ones. We have years of experience with all kinds of breeds. However, your pets are very much like humans when it comes to personalities and learning abilities. Our job is to recognize, identify and apply it to each individual pet contained. We will help with training and behavioral issues that the average owner encounters. We will also, provide attention to small details such as body language which is key to a successful training/containment.
We are a company who does not settle for less than perfection. We will continue to seek new break through training techniques that may help us ensure your pet’s safety and longevity of life.

We are looking forward to meeting and serving you and your pets.


Contain a Pet of South Florida

Owner/Operator: Joshua G. Noel

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